Do they work with any type of door?

Hinge Stands universal design has been thoroughly tested and works with all 3.5"  hinges. 

Will it support a solid core door?

Yes.  However, it is recommended two brackets per pair of doors.  We recommend placing one high (on the top hinge) and another down low (on the middle or bottom hinge) for added strength and stability.

Does the Hinge Stand block the spray?

No. Our Product was designed and tested to allow full paint coverage and avoid this issue.

Do they work with different height doors?

Yes! The solution to connecting Hinge Stands to doors of varying heights is simply to set them up upside down. The door hinges will be at the same height when the doors are upside down.

How do these save time?

Increase productivity by eliminating time spent moving, rotating, or flipping wet doors. Just set up your doors and get all sides sprayed at once! 

Do I need any other tool besides Hinge Stand to prep the doors?

No!  Say bye to the days of searching for hardware, fasteners, stools, tools or scraps of wood! All you need is the Hinge Stand Kit and you are ready to spray paint your doors.