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  • Damage protection

    Our floor spacers protect the bottom edge of the doors by creating a gap between the floor and door- preventing dry fall, paint dust or dirt from sticking to surface of doors and giving you a higher qualify smoother finish.

    No screws or nails are needed.

  • Time saver

    Increase productivity by eliminating time spent moving, rotating, or flipping wet doors. Just set up your doors and get all sides sprayed at once!

    Single person & fast setup

  • Prevent Doors from Bowing

    Hinge Stand keeps your doors upright and straight. Leaning or Laying doors flat increases the risk of bowing and warping.

  • Best Value

    Our reusable Hinge Stand kit holds up to 8 doors and contains 4 Hinge Stands & 16 floor spacers. For tall & heavy doors, use 2 hinge stands per pair.

Quick and easy system for spraying doors.

The Hinge Stand Kit is a reusable painting tool used to hold interior doors upright and rigid while spray painting.

For pro painter, contractor, handyman or DIYer.

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  • Chad S. - RL Painting

    My crew saves so much time using this kit. Everything they need to setup doors in one box.

  • Derek D. - IT Painting

    I like how the spacers protect the bottom of the doors. No more damage or rough edges.

  • Mike M. - ML Pintura

    This reusable kit saves us time looking for scraps of wood around the job. We get the job done quicker!


How many are in a pack?

Each pack comes with 16 floor spacers and 4 HingeStands, which can hold up to 8 typical interior (hollow core) doors up.

Do they work with any type of door?

HingeStands universal design has been throughly tested and does fit most 3.5" interior door hinges

Will it support a solid core door?

Yes.  However, you will need to use two HingeStands per pair of doors.  We recommend placing one high (on the top hinge) and another down low (on the middle or bottom hinge) for added strength and stability.