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Hinge Stand


Invented Out of Door Spraying Frustration


Finally – a way to paint doors fastereasier – and completely enhance your finish

  • No More – searching for scraps of wood
  • No More – extra hardware or tools needed to set up doors
  • No More – moving, rotating, or flipping wet doors
  • No More – bowing and warping doors
  • No More – crushed edge doors
  • No More dry fall, paint dust or dirt spoiling your finish


If any of the old problems above have made the vein in your head throb on-site, you’ll know why I spent so long making Hinge Stand a reality. 

With more than 25 years of hands-on construction experience, I began to pay attention to the common problems that repeat themselves with shocking regularity.


One that frustrated me (time and again) was paint crews wasting time searching for scraps of wood and hardware - or tools needed to set up doors for spraying. So, I set out to solve the problem.


“ There’s got to be a better way!”


That’s how Hinge Stand was born. Enough was enough. 

It was designed and engineered to let us paint more doors at onceachieve a far smoother finish – and give us valuable time back to move onto our next job earlier. Time is money, right? 

It’s been tried and tested on numerous construction projects and is making a massive impact. 




Problem Solving - It’s What We Love to Do

As a third-generation General Contractor, I understand the importance of getting jobs done quickly and efficiently while maintaining top quality.

I thrive on the problem-solving element of the building process, and there are many more time and labour-saving inventions in the pipeline.

Everyone involved in the design and engineering process of Hinge Stand is proud of its success, and I’m certain you’ll see the immediate benefits of our simple but highly effective creation.


Here’s what value for money looks like:

Door Stand- HInge Stand Benefits


A Full Refund Guarantee (if not completely satisfied) - Free Shipping (on all orders) + 15% off your first order.

Order Hinge Stand for your next job and see the huge difference it makes to – your ease of setup – finish quality – and your valuable time.