About Us

As a general contractor, I have always enjoyed the problem-solving element of the building process.

Every construction project presents its own unique unexpected challenges.

With more than 25 years of hands-on job site experience, I began to pay attention to the common problems that seemed to repeat themselves with shocking regularity.

One of which I continue to see first hand, time and time again is paint crews wasting time searching for scraps of wood and hardware or tools needed to set up doors.

As a third generation General Contractor I understand better than most people the importance of getting jobs done quickly and efficiently while maintaining top quality.

In the competitive and often cutthroat world of Painting, not having the tools and materials needed on a job site - I can recognize the real cost of time wasted.

Hinge Stand was invented because how often I saw paint crews searching for scraps of wood around the job site in order to prep and stand doors up for spraying.

Because door spraying commonly is done near the end of a new construction project, the site has already been cleared of leftover lumber and finish trim materials.

When a job is near a home improvement or hardware store, it’s just an inconvenience. When the job site is remote, the cost of lost production time adds up fast!

But painters cannot lug around bulky items that are not essential to getting jobs done.

Hinge Stand was designed and engineered with the needs of painters in mind.

I know we all get set in our ways of doing things, but I can guarantee it is worth trying our system out!  The Hinge Stand is not a gimmick. It really works!